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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mixed Reality toolkit?

Thank you. In this article The Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) is a collection of packages that enable cross platform Mixed Reality application development by providing support for Mixed Reality hardware and platforms. MRTK is available as asset(.unitypackage) packages and via the Unity Package Manager.

Why is mixed reality feature tool failing to import MRTK packages properly?

There is an issue with MRTK 2.7.1 UPM packages where the dependencies were not set up correctly. The issue caused the Mixed Reality Feature Tool to fail to import MRTK 2.7.1 packages properly.

How do I install the mixedreality feature tool?

Install Instructions Choose the Downloadbutton on this page to start the download. Or, select a different language from the drop-down list, and then Choose Go. When the download completes, unzip the file and run MixedRealityFeatureTool.exe.

Is there an SDK for Windows Mixed Reality development?

There is no separate SDK for Windows Mixed Reality development; you'll use Visual Studio with the Windows 10 SDK. Don't have a mixed reality device? You can install the HoloLens emulator to test some functionality of mixed reality apps without a HoloLens.

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