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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mixed Reality toolkit?

Thank you. In this article The Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) is a collection of packages that enable cross platform Mixed Reality application development by providing support for Mixed Reality hardware and platforms. MRTK is available as asset(.unitypackage) packages and via the Unity Package Manager.

What is mixed reality Foundation test utilities?

Foundation ( Test utilities package The optional test utilities package ( contains a collection of helper scripts that enable developers to easily create play mode tests.

Why is mixed reality feature tool failing to import MRTK packages properly?

There is an issue with MRTK 2.7.1 UPM packages where the dependencies were not set up correctly. The issue caused the Mixed Reality Feature Tool to fail to import MRTK 2.7.1 packages properly.

What is the mixedrealitytoolkit scene component?

The MixedRealityToolkit scene component is the single, centralized resource manager for the Mixed Reality Toolkit. This component loads and manages the lifespan of the platform and service modules and provides resources for the systems to access their configuration settings.

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