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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does the Mixed Reality toolkit support?

Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) roadmap The Mixed Reality Toolkit is built to be cross MR/AR/VR/XR platform by design. The toolkit currently supports Unity 2019.4.x and Unity 2018.4.x. When Unity releases an LTS (Long Term Support) product, the Mixed Reality Toolkit will update to the LTS release.

What is MRTK doing to support mixed reality?

The MRTK team supports the open future of mixed reality through OpenXR. Support for OpenXR is currently under development, with initial preview support released in MRTK 2.5.2. We're listening to your feedback about MRTK and have continued plans for: We've migrated our developer documentation from Github to a new docs platform!

How to debug missing data providers in mixed reality toolkit?

Users can toggle Show null data providers in the profile inspector under Edit -> Project Settings -> Mixed Reality Toolkit to debug unexpected behaviors with missing data providers. Users can now configure Experience Settings, which will allow MRTK to display Mixed Reality Scene Content appropriately based on the targeted experience.

What's new in MRTK 2021?

On May 27 th, 2021 we released MRTK 2.7, so you know we had to be up to something special. This release brings official support for OpenXR as we move the Mixed Reality Toolkit to Unity 2020.3 LTS. In addition, we’ve packed in a bunch of new features and bug fixes to improve the developer experience for Mixed Reality Devs. Like what you see?

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