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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mixed Reality feature tool?

The Mixed Reality Feature Tool is a new way for developers to discover, update, and add Mixed Reality feature packages into Unity projects. You can search packages by name or category, see their dependencies, and even view proposed changes to your projects manifest file before importing.

How do I manage mixed reality toolkit packages in Unity?

Once a Mixed Reality Toolkit package has been added to the package manifest, it can be managed using the Unity Package Manager user interface. If a Mixed Reality Toolkit package is removed using the Unity Package Manager, it will have to be re-added using the previously described steps.

What is the use of mixed reality test package?

Test utilities package The optional Microsoft.MixedRealityToolkit.TestUtilities package is a collection of helper scripts that enable developers to easily create play mode tests. These utilities are especially useful for developers creating MRTK components.

How do I test input interactions in mixed reality?

If you're using Unity, you can use Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity 's input simulation to test various types of input interactions such as hand-tracking and eye-tracking input. For Unreal projects, use the UX Tools plugin to test common input interactions and user experience features.

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