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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixed reality in Windows 10?

Mixed Reality Viewer app in Windows 10. If you are not aware, Mixed Reality is a combination of augmented reality and traditional Virtual Reality. The former technology overlays interactive virtual objects into the real world while the latter puts the user in this newly created place.

Is 3D viewer free?

The listed Free 3DM viewer software are absolutely free to use; however, two of these software come with certain limitations. These limitations do not apply on viewing tools, thus giving you freedom to minutely examine and view a 3D model.

What is Ms 3D viewer?

Microsoft 3D Viewer. 3D Viewer (formerly Mixed Reality Viewer and before that, View 3D) is a 3D object viewer and Augmented Reality application that was first included in Windows 10 1703. It supports the .fbx, .3mf, .obj, and .stl and many more file formats listed in features section. On the first launch, 3D Viewer automatically loads a "Bee ...

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