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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the first missionaries in Africa?

Missionary work in Africa has taken place since the late 1800s. To better understand missionaries in Africa, let’s start by looking at two of the first influential missionaries in Africa: David Livingstone & Mary Slessor. David Livingstone was a missionary to Africa during the 1800s. One key part of his mission was mapping Africa.

What were the international aspects of missionary work in Africa?

International Aspects of Missionary Work Missionary work in Africa operated alongside the economic and political colonization of the continent. Although the Church Missionary Society began in England, two German Lutherans sailed for Africa in 1804 as the society’s first missionaries. The missions also united across denominations.

What is the role of a missionary in Nigeria?

Missionaries have been involved in Nigeria during the late 1800s through training young men as evangelists and helping women’s rights improve among the tribal people. Today, missionaries have brought Holistic Development Centers, education, and medical care into Nigeria with the purpose of spreading the Gospel.

Why did many missionaries die in West Africa?

Many missionaries died because of the climate and tropical disease. This single problem made the missionary work very difficult. However, the discovery of quinine and other curative medicines in the late 19 th century made the history of the missionary work in West Africa a different thing altogether.

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