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Frequently Asked Questions

What does missionary group do in Africa?

Missionaries have been involved in Africa throughout the decades by living among the people with the goal of supporting Africans and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Missionaries are humble people who long to serve Jesus with their life. The Lord guided them to leave their homes to share the Gospel in a different country.

What role did missionaries have in the colonisation of Africa?

What role did missionaries play in the colonization of Africa? The Role of Missionaries In African Society Missionaries saw the voyages to Africa by their governments as an opportunity for them to spread the teaching of the Christian faith. They used some of the British Empire’s resources and then in turn the empire coerced them to use their ...

What did European missionaries enter Africa to do?

European missionaries to southern Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries played a strangely ambiguous role in the history and affairs of the region. On the one hand they were driven by a strong desire to genuinely serve humanity and bring about material and social changes which would improve its quality of life.

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