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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal definition of miscarriage of Justice?

miscarriage (of justice) In criminal law, a miscarriage of justice can be defined as an outcome in a judicial proceeding that is unjust, unfair or improper. The term miscarriage is oftentimes used to describe an error made by the Court that results in the conviction of an innocent person for a crime they did not commit.

What does gross miscarriage of Justice mean?

What does gross miscarriage of justice mean? miscarriage of justice | Business English a situation in which someone is punished by a court of law for a crime that they have not committed: a grave/ gross /serious miscarriage of justice The fact that Mr. Barron will spend eight more years in prison is a grave miscarriage of justice .

Why do miscarriages of Justice occur?

Often there are miscarriages of justice based upon human error, strong circumstantial evidence but limited witnesses/forensics, a flawed police investigation or extensive prejudicial media coverage preceding the trial.

Can a woman be jailed for a miscarriage?

US women are being jailed for having miscarriages. When a 21-year-old Native American woman from Oklahoma was convicted of manslaughter after having a miscarriage, people were outraged. But she ...

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