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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Minecraft creepypastas?

"Minecraft Creepypastas," are scary stories that put a sinister twist on the cheerful sandbox game players have come to know, and love. Whether that twist be unwanted hackers with malicious intentions, or mysterious entities stalking and terrorizing players; these stories have the potential to unnerve readers.

What is Minecraft creepypasta 'null'?

Speaking of Herobrine; this Minecraft Creepypasta, "Null," is a perfect segway away from his infamy. "Null," begins with the author's interest in Herobrine. The author is interested in finding him in-game; which wasn't something they thought possible until the release of the feature that allows players to revisit past versions of Minecraft.

What happens if I believe in creepypastas?

Remember, the stories you read were created by many creative writers, just like you! Anyone caught believing in creepypastas or attempting to convince others will be banned, especially so as this behaviour is often indicative of a young age — likely too young for you to use Fandom. Please refrain from engaging in cross-wiki drama.

What is a secret entity in Minecraft Alpha?

In the early days of Minecraft Alpha, a developer added a secret entity into the game. The entity's code was obfuscated, password-protected, and, well, very fortified. If you were to try and edit the code, a message would pop up and say that you needed permission from the developer.

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