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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hyblock texture pack?

Back in August of 2019, a user named abbie_ released a texture pack for Hypixel Skyblock called Hyblock. This pack has not been updated for almost a year, so I have been working tirelessly on making textures for a week now. Hyblock aims to be a unique and new texture pack that brings fresh designs to the custom items of Hypixel Skyblock.

What are Hypixel skyblock resource packs?

Some resource packs have been specially made for Hypixel SkyBlock and can be extremely useful as they help to differentiate between similar items. This is particularly useful for helping to prevent Scams . Due to how custom assets for SkyBlock work, OptiFine is required for all of the resource packs.

What is the skyblock overhaul revamped pack?

Skyblock Overhaul 32x Release V.1 Hypixel Skyblock has a variety of swords, bows and tools. The Skyblock Overhaul Revamped pack will include completely overhauled textures of the items in Skyblock, and bring life to the textures with intricate designs and colour! This is a revamp of my much older pack, Skyblock Overhaul.

Is hyblock revival based on Terraria?

Alot of the art in abbie's orignial Hyblock Texture Pack is inspired by Terraria, and so to stay consistent Hyblock Revival will respect that decision and follow the same theme. To respect the original artist I will not change any of her original textures from Hyblock.

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