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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best UHC Minecraft server?

TOP list of the best UHC Minecraft server 1 KrypticMC 2 CoolCraft. CoolCraft is a Minecraft server network with many different servers for you to check out! ... 3 Emerald Survival. ... 4 Nerocraft 5 HawkMC. ... 6 LuxuryCraft [BedWars] [PvP] [1.15.2] [Survival] 7 Anarchy Buddies. ... 8 BilisimCraft. ... 9 CuchiCraft 10 Minezone More items...

What is UHC in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, UHC means Ultra Hardcore. In this mode, players are given only one life, and there is no health regeneration. Players must collect resources, craft weapons, and fight with each other to be the last one standing to win. On UHC Minecraft servers, players can play UHC mode in a team or by themselves.

Is halfastmc a hard server?

The Minecraft server HalfastMC is an Ultra Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft Server - Hard Mode Survival with no natural regeneration. Players have to use potions...

What is play UHC?

Up next is a server known as "playUHC." It was established back in the summer of 2016 when UHC was at its peak of popularity. To this day, it remains solely dedicated to the UHC mode and has one of the best UHC experiences out there for players to enjoy.

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