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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best UHC Minecraft servers?

Up first is Purple Ore, a server found at the top of a dedicated server list for UHC Minecraft servers. With such prestige, it goes without saying, this is a brilliant place for playing UHC mode. On this server, players can enjoy single-player UHC or even with teams of up to five members.

What is UHC in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, UHC means Ultra Hardcore. In this mode, players are given only one life, and there is no health regeneration. Players must collect resources, craft weapons, and fight with each other to be the last one standing to win. On UHC Minecraft servers, players can play UHC mode in a team or by themselves.

What is play UHC?

Up next is a server known as "playUHC." It was established back in the summer of 2016 when UHC was at its peak of popularity. To this day, it remains solely dedicated to the UHC mode and has one of the best UHC experiences out there for players to enjoy.

What are the different UHC gamemodes?

We have a variety of UHC gamemodes that are enjoyable for everyone. These consist of Speed UHC, God UHC, Flower Power UHC, Gone Fishing UHC, Dragon Rush UHC, Scenario Madness UHC, Meetup UHC, Red vs Blue UHC, Cut Clean UHC, Vanilla UHC, Survival Games UHC, Wither Rush UHC and Randomizer UHC!

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