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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft texture pack?

Minecraft Texture Packs 1.17. Minecraft texture packs 1.17 have an outstanding quality that will significantly enhance all caves and cliffs in your game world. This is the topic of the new Minecraft 1.17 version. The official name of the Mojang development team is “Caves & Cliffs Update” and gives you a first hint what to expect.

What's new in Minecraft 1.17.1?

There are only a few changes, so no new blocks, items or mobs are added. Accordingly, Minecraft 1.17.1 texture packs do not change much compared to the previous version 1.17. It’s just fun to use a texture pack in Minecraft 1.17.1, because the normal textures look pretty boring.

How to download and install Minecraft resource packs?

The first step is to launch Minecraft and select the game version 1.17.1. Then you can press “Play” to download the game files. After a short time you will be in the main menu and in the bottom left corner you can check if you have selected the correct version. Then click on “options” and on the next page on “resource packs”.

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