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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft bedwars texture pack?

Minecraft Bedwars texture pack is a new category on our website that is perfect for anyone looking for the new, awesome and most popular Bedwars resource packs. Below you can view a list of the best bedwar packs for minecraft created by different artists.

What is a PvP resource pack?

PVP resource packs was uniquely created to assist in providing seamless and fluid play by simplifying the textures, clearing of the HUD and performing other important roles including a unique graphic flash capable of informing the player of instances of full power arrow launch. Initially, the Brut’s PVP resource pack…

What is the Devine resource pack?

The Devine resource pack is SidGames_YT first try at a resource pack, so it might be somewhat unpolished, but he did an excellent job. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the Devine resource pack is a dedicated and well-designed PvP pack. The new and improved graphics in…

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