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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Java do you need for Minecraft?

You still technically need Java, but it is now downloaded by the Minecraft launcher and stored with the launcher instead of installed across the entire system. If Minecraft is the only reason you have Java installed, you now have no reason to open up your system to Java vulnerabilities. ... The Java executable used by Minecraft stays with Minecraft and is as good as invisible and inaccessible to the rest of the system.

How to get Minecraft Java for free Windows 10?

Write down your Redeem code here, and click on the Redeem button below the code. See the below image: You can get different other versions of the Minecraft, such as Minecraft: Java edition or Minecoins, by clicking on your email account on the top of the page and then on Redeem code. Click on the Redeem Code button under your email id.

Is Minecraft actually made with Java?

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Modding with Java in 2020 Set up Java Developer Kit (JDK) We will need to download the Java Developer Kit that will let our Minecraft Modding in Eclipse work correctly. ... Set up your Text Editor Before we begin Minecraft modding, we'll need to download some tools. ... Set up Forge Next you will need to download the 1.12.2 version Minecraft Forge, as this will allow us to mod Minecraft 1.12.2. ... More items...

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