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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the Minecraft Dungeons mod?

A mod for Minecraft Dungeons that lets you use custom skins and capes. Changes the Iron Golem Artifact into the Warden. Allows other mods to run UE4 blueprints very easily.

What are some good mods for Minecraft?

Some of the most popular mods include: Optifine – This mod will increase performance and visuals in Minecraft, making it run better and look better at the same time! [1] It offers new actions and cosmetic features that give Minecraft a cleaner look.

Can you get a pet mod in Minecraft Dungeons?

This is where the various pet mods for Minecraft Dungeons come into the picture. These mods allow the base chicken mod to be replaced by a strider, panda, wither, creeper, dragon, phantom, or anything else that might suit their fancy! It can be rather pleasing to get into the game's camp after a hard day of dungeon crawling.

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