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Frequently Asked Questions

What is one block skyblock map?

One Block SkyBlock Map (1.19.1, 1.19.2) is a SkyBlock map created by IjaMinecrafts. Surviving on just one SkyBlock seems impossible, but you can make it happen with this map! Just like any other SkyBlock map, your goal in this map will be to survive as long as possible with the given material and limited space on air.

What are the best mods for skyblock?

All Skyblock 1 All in One [Modded One Block] 2 SevTech: Ages of the Sky 3 All the Mods 6 - To the Sky - ATM6sky - Skyblock 4 Seaopolis 5 Modern Skyblock 3: Departed 6 Project Ozone 3 A New Way Forward 7 Levitated 8 Sky Bees 9 AstroBlock 10 Modded OneBlock More items...

Is there a skyblock based on Projecte?

A BQ... ProjectE, but no OP. An expert skyblock pack based on ProjectE. Yes, you read... Starting on a asteroid can you navigate across the stars to different planets? A skyblock based around automation, industrialization and complexity, an Ex Nihilo skyblock based around GregTech. This modpack is the Azuria StoneBlock 3 Pack version.

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