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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a militia?

The American Militia has a long and impressive history, dating back to the Revolutionary War. The purpose of the Militia is to protect the country’s citizens from the enemies of the nation. The effectiveness of the Militia is unquestionable – it has been used in countless ways to protect our rights and interests.

Who can join a militia?

Under federal and state laws, a militia is defined as that population of able-bodied citizens between certain ages (e.g., 17 to 45; see 10 U.S. Code §246) who may be called into service by the federal government or a state government in times of emergency.

What are the beliefs of militia members?

militia movement, in the United States, movement of private, generally right-wing paramilitary organizations whose members characteristically accept highly conspiratorial interpretations of politics and view themselves as defenders of traditional freedoms against government oppression.

What is the history of militias in the United States?

In 1903, the government passed the Militia Act, which would define two classes of militia in the United States. The first was the organized militia, with the more regimented approach to providing an alternative service and back-up in a major conflict.

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