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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mighty Bowser set?

The latest from LEGO, the Mighty Bowser set, may have raised the bar even higher. LEGO is officially working on a massive LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411) set. Built from a substantial 2,800 LEGO pieces, the result is a massive interactive Bowser LEGO figure and a platform with flaming columns for him to stand on.

Which Lego Super Mario set will be the Mighty Bowser?

Set #71411 is an awesome tribute to Mario's greatest foe. The new LEGO Super Mario: The Mighty Bowser is everything it needs to be. It looks like Bowser, for one; the King of Koopa's proportions make him ideal for LEGO-ization.

How do you beat Mighty Bowser in Super Mario?

This makes Mighty Bowser compatible with the LEGO Super Mario playsets; if you own the starter set, you can use the LED Mario figure to stomp on this barcode, which will initiate a boss fight between you and Bowser. You can then stomp on Bowser multiple times, and eventually, you will "defeat" him, earn coins, and trigger the victory music.

How much does a big bad Bowser set cost?

The big-bad will set you back $270. LEGO has officially unveiled a massive Mighty Bowser set that has interactivity with the LEGO Mario series. Bowser stands at over 32cm tall and 41cm wide and will be released on October 1. It will cost $269.99 and includes 2,807 pieces, as revealed on the LEGO Store.

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