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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Xbox series X be back in stock?

Only GameStop in-store Xbox Series X restock in 2021: June 16 at store open. Last major GameStop Xbox Series X restock: Wednesday, May 26 at 2pm EDT. How to buy the Xbox from GameStop: Follow our...

Where to get Xbox series X?

Xbox Series X at Tesco Currys currently has the Xbox Series X in stock; it's in a pricey bundled but one that's arguably offering good value, so it's the retailer to visit when it comes to finding where to buy the Xbox Series X in the U.K. today. There's no hint of an Xbox Series X restock taking place at other U.K. retailers.

Will Xbox series X ever be available?

No longer will it be waiting to drop stock in batches as it does with PS5 restock, instead Xbox Series X consoles will be available to buy when stores receive stock. This essentially means that Target will no longer have nationwide stock drops, and instead, the console will just be available when each individual location receives inventory.

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