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Frequently Asked Questions

How to open Microsoft rewards?

Open the Settings app. Go to the “ Search ” page. Go to the “ Permission & History ” page. On the right panel, turn off “Microsoft Account” under “Cloud Search Content”. Changes are saved automatically. Close the Settings app. From now, you will not see the Microsoft rewards badge or medallion icon in the Start menu.

Are Microsoft rewards worth it?

Microsoft Rewards is not a scam but a real way to earn money on the internet. While Microsoft is a top brand, it has attracted its own share of negative comments. Rated 1.9 on Trustpilot, some users claimed it’s hard to earn anything on the platform. Others also claimed they spent countless hours only to be sent the wrong gift card.

How to make money with Microsoft rewards?

make money with micorsoft rewards in 3 steps 1. search with bing. There are many reliable Google alternatives, one of which is Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. 2. complete fun offers. Microsoft also allows you to earn points by playing fun games and quizzes on their “Earn” page. 3. earn points ...

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