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How much money did Michael Schumacher make?

When Michael Schumacher was away from the race track, Schumacher reportedly earned roughly around $50 million from his endorsements deals alone. At the time of his career peak, Michael Schumacher was paid $10 million annually by Shell for sporting a hat with the brand’s logo to all of his public appearances.

Is Michael Schumacher a threat to Tiger Woods'$800 million money machine?

If so, it has been a good ride with $800 million in career earnings. Designer Tory Burch, race car driver Michael Schumacher, and Spotify's Daniel Ek are among 13 up-and-comers to watch. Michael Schumacher is making a return to competition, but he poses no threat to the Tiger Woods money machine.

Will Michael Schumacher recover from skiing accident?

The Formula 1 racing champion Michael Schumacher continues to slowly recuperate at his home in Switzerland - but reports seem to indicate that the motorsports world legend will never fully recover from his tragic 2013 skiing accident that almost took his life. As Schumacher's family cares for the famed auto [...]

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