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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do after accessing MGIC's cash flow worksheets?

After accessing our cash flow worksheets, browse MGIC’s training sessions. You’ll discover a variety of income training webinars to learn more about evaluating base and variable income, rental income analysis, personal and business tax return analysis and financial statement review classes.

What pricing model does MGIC offer?

MGIC offers lenders both a risk-based pricing model that provides rates tailored to unique loan scenarios and traditional rate card pricing. You can get the right rate for both rate plans through our MiQ rate quote platform . Contact your MGIC representative if you have questions about your organization’s MGIC pricing model.

What can I do with MGIC?

Gain industry knowledge and essential skills from the experts at MGIC, the industry’s leading mortgage insurance authority. Gain a better understanding about the ins and outs of mortgage insurance and how it reduces mortgage risk. Discover how our homebuyer education program can connect you with more potential borrowers.

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