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Frequently Asked Questions

Does readynest meet lender's homebuyer education requirements?

MGIC designed Readynest to take you through key homeownership topics step-by-step, so you can feel more confident throughout the homebuying process. Are you taking this test to meet your lender’s homebuyer education requirements? Our free program doesn’t meet requirements for all loan programs, so we don’t want you to waste your time!

Do I need to take a homebuyer education class?

RIHousing customers who are first-time homebuyers are required to take a Homebuyer Education class prior to closing. Thinking about becoming a landlord? “Get Educated!” from the comfort of your home! RIHousing has launched our virtual Homebuyer Education Classes to help prospective homebuyers understand the process of buying and keeping a home.

When do I have to take the first-time homebuyer class?

Customers who are first-time homebuyers are required to participate in this class prior to closing on a RIHousing loan. Need more flexibility to take the class? We’ve got you covered.

Does home possible® meet Freddie Mac homebuyer education requirements?

*Please note, while our program meets Freddie Mac Home Possible® homebuyer education requirements, it doesn’t meet requirements for Fannie Mae HomeReady® or HFA Preferred®. HomeReady® and HFA Preferred® are registered trademarks of Fannie Mae. Home Possible® is a registered service mark of Freddie Mac.

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