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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it'shameful'for Biden to terminate border deal without notice?

In a statement to Fox News, Rep. Rosendale said it is "shameful that the Biden Administration would terminate these agreements this summer, when the border crisis was at its peak, without even telling the American people."

Why did the Biden administration terminate three Trump-era migration agreements?

The Biden administration formally terminated three key Trump-era migration agreements amid an ongoing crisis at the southern border when numbers of migrants crossing the border were at their highest.

What is the Biden administration doing about the border crisis?

The Biden administration saw an influx of migrants during 2021, creating major problems at the border and prompting questions about methods for securing it. Prior to taking office, President Biden signaled that he would make it easier to stay in the country after an illegal entry.

What happened to the Hondurans crossing the Guatemalan border?

Some 300 migrants, mainly Hondurans and Nicaraguans, arrived in Corinto, Honduras Saturday afternoon and crossed into the Guatemalan border province of Izabal, where they were met by hundreds of anti-riot agents from the national police and army.

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