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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind the Mexican flag?

The Story Behind the Mexican Flag. The Mexican flag is the country’s most important patriotic symbol, and it has a background story that is as fascinating and revealing as any national flag. In fact, the story of the Mexican flag dates back further than most, with origins in the Aztec culture that flourished in Mexico from the 1300s.

Where is the coat of arms on the Mexican flag?

Today, the coat of arms is in the center of the flag, with a laurel branch symbolizing victory and honor underneath. The image was added to the flag for the Olympic Games held in Mexico City in 1968.

What are the 3 colors of the Mexican flag?

The Three-Colored Design. The flag of Mexico has three vertical stripes in green, white, and red. The design dates back to 1821, when Mexico finally gained its independence from Spain. When these colors were first adopted, the color green was chosen to represent independence from Spain.

When did Mexico stop using the flag?

This flag was discontinued in 1864 upon the dissolution of the first federal republic. The third national flag was that of the Second Mexican Empire. Once again, the national flag used the green, white and red tricolor pattern with the white stripe being charged with the national arms.

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