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Frequently Asked Questions

What does flag pin mean?

The American flag lapel pin is the most comprehensive and scientifically sound method of testing individuals' patriotism to date. It has been in official use by Fox News and most Republican caucuses since its introduction in 1943, and its later re-institution 1981.

What is the history of the Mexican flag?

Mexican Flag History. The Flag of Mexico, as it is today, was adopted in 1968. But Mexican flag history really goes back over 600 years earlier than that. In the early 1300s, so the story goes, the wandering tribe of Mexica people were looking for a home.

What is the image of the Mexican flag?

The Mexican flag consists of three stripes green, white, and red with an emblem in the center. The overall general design of the Mexican flag has been the same since 1821, but the current flag was officially adopted in 1968. The emblem in the center of the flag is the image of an eagle holding a large snake.

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