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Frequently Asked Questions

How do meme accounts make money?

The main way meme accounts make money is by: 1 Selling shout outs to other accounts 2 Selling sponsored posts/advertisement posts for other companies 3 Selling its own merchandise 4 Getting people to visit a blog, YouTube channel, or another property the meme page owns 5 Selling to other companies More ...

Where can I find the best money memes?

And this creativity includes all the best money memes found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and within all your group chats! There is nothing like sending a funny meme to someone at work via email or responding to a friend's text about how broke they are with a classic Lenodardo Decaprio or Aragon meme!

Can you really make money on Instagram by using memes?

However, there is still money to be made on Instagram by using memes. Typically, there are 2 different routes to creating a profitable Instagram meme account: Option 1 – Create a meme Instagram account to gain a following, then sell sponsored posts or ads. Option 2 – Monetize an Instagram following by selling meme merchandise.

Why do we love memes so much?

If you browse the internet a fair bit, you’re probably hardpressed to spend a day without encountering a meme. Memes provide a humorous and easy way to relate to ongoing world events or to communicate with others.

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