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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bot lane in League of Legends?

Because there are 4 players instead of 2, it’s usually the place where most of the action happens, at least in the early game. Traditionally, the lane has been played with a support and a carry champion in each team. But with over 150 champions in LoL currently, the bot lane combinations are nearly endless!

What is the best bot lane composition for inescapable?

Any of these two champs can mesh into a bot lane that is truly inescapable, once you hit two it's double kill time All in at 6 or nothing. This composition can truly end friendships if done without communication or compostion u/theflyingcoral suggests Sion + Ornn is also fantastic

Are there any funny League of Legends memes?

The League of Legends community have crafted some hilarious memes over the years. Here's some that are Top Lane specific. Many League of Legends players will tell you that the top lane is one of the calmest roles you can get in the game.

What is the best bot lane combo for Ziggs and Veigar?

If you’re looking for a fun combo to troll and win bot lane, then we highly recommend Ziggs and Veigar! The way these two champions work together is so ridiculous that you’ll win games while laughing all the way through! The key thing to understand here is the interaction between Veigar’s wall and Ziggs’s satchel.

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