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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the income cap for Medicaid?

Some states have a cap on the amount of monthly income a Medicaid applicant can receive and still qualify for coverage of long-term care costs. This situation is sometimes referred to as “income-cap” states or “income test” states. The cap can vary, but the maximum income limit for 2021 is $2,382 (300% of the monthly SSI amount in 2021).

What is Medicaid asset limit?

The Medicaid Deductible Program asset limit is $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple. 2) Asset Spend Down – Seniors who have assets over Medicaid’s limit can “spend down” extra assets for Medicaid qualification. Persons reduce countable assets by spending them on ones that are non-countable.

What is the income limit for Medicaid in NC?

You can view or download our free guide here. Generally speaking, for regular Medicaid, often called Aged, Blind and Disabled Medicaid, the income limit is either $794 / month, which equals $9,528 / year, or $1,073 / month, which is equivalent to $12,880 / year.

Does Illinois have Medicaid?

Medicaid was implemented in the state of Illinois in January 1966. Individuals covered by Medicaid in Illinois can choose either a fee-for-service plan or a managed care plan. The Illinois DHS site explains these options. Illinois has been slower than many other states in moving beneficiaries to managed care plans.

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