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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best business news sources in Buffalo NY?

Buffalo Business First 14. Buffalo Law Journal 15. Western New York Catholic 16. Artvoice 17. Challenger Community News 18. Front Page Group Inc 19. Western New York Family Magazine 20. Daily Post 21. FREE BOOKS 22. Yoozpaper Yoozpaper is a great place to write articles and posts of any kind.

What channels are available in Buffalo NY?

Channels that have previously been headquartered in Buffalo include Pinwheel/Nickelodeon (1979 to 1981), Empire Sports Network (1991 to 2005), and Bridges TV (2004 to 2012). In addition, Buffalo residents can also pick-up stations from the neighbouring Greater Toronto Area with a suitable aerial antenna or cable subscription.

Does spectrum have a TV station in Buffalo NY?

Although no cable stations are currently, as of 2017, based in Buffalo, Charter Communications has an affiliate and news bureau in the city, as does Spectrum Sports (until its closure in 2017) and MSG Western New York.

Where can I find films set in Buffalo?

Squeaky Wheel, a non-profit media arts center, provides access for local media artists to video and film equipment, as well as screenings of independent and avant-garde films. A number films have been set or filmed in the Buffalo area. A more complete list of films related to or based in Buffalo can be found at IMDb .

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