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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a physician in MDVIP?

Find a physician near you in the MDVIP national network of primary care doctors. Use our location or doctor name feature to help narrow down your search. Physician Locator | Find a Doctor Near Me | MDVIP Skip to main content Find a physician LOGIN 1.866.696.3847 Find a physician

What is MDVIP connect and how do I use it?

With MDVIP Connect, you can securely message your doctor from your desktop or mobile devices, manage your payment profile and schedule payments, and get support from MDVIP. In addition, on the MDVIP Connect website you can: View or download your personal health record to review the results of your MDVIP Wellness Program services;

How does MDVIP support my health goals?

In order to help you easily connect with your doctor and make healthy choices every day, MDVIP has designed two tools to support your health and wellness goals.

How do I find a physician near me?

Contact Us A Great Place to Work Company Login Home Find a Physician MDVIP has a nationwide network of physicians. Find one near you or call us at 1.866.696.3847. Location Doctor's Name Search by Location Search by Doctor's Name Search Leave this field blank Enter a full address, city, state, or ZIP code.

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