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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to MDVIP?

Log in today by going to or by downloading the MDVIP Connect app from the App Store. One of the best parts of MDVIP for me is that I can email my doctor anytime. One of the best parts of MDVIP for me is that I can email my doctor anytime …

What is MDVIP wellness program?

MDVIP is a national network of primary care doctors who see fewer patients so they can focus on delivering personalized medicine, patient-centered medicine and preventive care that starts with the MDVIP Wellness Program.

Why do doctors affiliate with MDVIP?

Doctors affiliate with MDVIP because they want to practice medicine the way they were trained. They want to have time with their patients, they want to focus more on preventing disease rather than just treating symptoms, and they want have more innovative tools available to them.

Is the annual fee for MDVIP tax deductible?

For patients who itemize medical expenses on their tax returns, the annual fee may be deductible. Check with your tax advisor if you have specific questions. Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my MDVIP membership?

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