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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MDVIP cost?

The annual fee for MDVIP-affiliated practices ranges between $1,650 and $2,200. It varies based on locale. Patients can typically pay the fee quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

How does the MDVIP wellness program work with insurance?

Your MDVIP-affiliated physician will continue to bill your insurance and charge copays, co-insurances and deductibles as he or she currently does for other medical services like sick visits. My insurance already provides for an annual physical, so why do I need the MDVIP Wellness Program?

How does MDVIP work for children?

MDVIP-affiliated internal or family practice physicians will usually treat your children (between the ages of 16 to 25) for routine office visits or sick care without any additional membership fee. This may vary, so please check with your MDVIP-affiliated doctor. Also note that standard fees, insurance co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles may apply.

Are medical fees tax deductible?

If the fee includes any medical services, it may be deductible depending if the included items would meet the IRS definition of a deductible medical expense. (ie. If the fee includes an annual physical, it is deductible because an annual physical is a deductible expense.

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