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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mdmdvip and why is it bad?

MDVIP creates hurdles to health care--don't let them fool you. For example, the yearly physical requires you first go see a nurse during early morning hours from 7-9am for a pre-physical wellness screening where they take your blood (must always be before 9am because the blood is mailed to their special lab at 9am).

What is the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program?

Mayo Clinic Executive Health “Our program is built around prevention and wellness and healthy lifestyles,” says Dr. Kurt Carlson of the Rochester, Minn.-based center (Mayo also has programs in Florida and Arizona). All new patients are put through a series of exams, particularly a cardiovascular screening.

What is VIP 360°?

It's a high-level, personal service approach to healthcare with a focus on better total health – and all on your schedule. VIP 360° members, please contact us at your preferred location so we can assist you with recommendations and arrange a clinic or virtual visit. Convenience Matters.

Why choose VIP medicine from Inova?

Our concierge group and executive examinations offer convenient, comprehensive healthcare when you need it – whether it’s for you, your family, your staff, or your business. And that’s something we can all feel better about. Welcome to VIP medicine from Inova.

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