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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCIs?

Established in 1975, MCIS is a joint powers organization dedicated to providing quality, integrated information solutions through customized computer applications and responsive support to member counties.

What is MN-its billing system?

MN−ITS MN−ITS is the DHS billing system for providers enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP). You must be an MHCP-enrolled provider AND registered to use MN−ITS to access the system. Refer to the MN−ITS home page for more information, system availability or to sign up to get email notices of changes.

What is MCRO in Minnesota?

Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO) is a new application to provide online access to Minnesota state district (trial) court records and documents. During its first phase of rollout, and for the first time ever, MCRO provides online access to many public district court documents.

Is MCIs compatible with other browsers?

***MCIS is compatible with IE only. Using other browsers you cannot perform all functionalities.***

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