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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share my MCIs username and password?

In order to access MCIS, each person within a Provider organization must have a unique individual MCIS username and password account. There is no sharing of this information between staff members within or across any organization.

When can I submit my MCIs access request?

Current MCIS Provider’s account users can submit their access request immediately. New MCIS Provider’s account users must wait until they have completed all of the required prerequisites of a new Provider and received approval from the Provider Relations Specialist before they can submit an MCIS access request.

What is the MCIs program used for?

MCIS is Web-enabled interface program used by DDA and other organizations to automate the tracking of Consumer data which supports DDA Intake, Case Management, Program Management, Day Programs, Client Benefits, Quality Assurance, Residential Services, and Clinical Services divisions.

What is provider access to DDS databases?

Provider Access to DDS Databases. The primary purpose of MCIS is to assist users and others in understanding how the web-based database system is used by the Department on Disabilities Services’ (DDS) and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) in the planning and provision of services for the individuals that DDA serves.

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