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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top end speed of the mb200-2?

Currently, the TrailMaster MB200-2 comes with a 46 Tooth Rear Sprocket and 10 Tooth Jackshaft Sprocket, which is great for top end speed. A stock MB200-2 will most likely go around 30-36MPH for top end speed. (you won't get more until you take your governor out, we will touch on that later).

What does the MB200 Performance Kit do?

Let's now add a few horsies to the stable with our MB200 Performance Kit, also known as a Stage 1 Kit. Bigger jet for the carburetor, air filter, and header pipe will pep up this engine with an extra 2-3HP. The add-on Vent Filter Kit will take care of the 2 hanging hoses after taking off your engine's stock air box.

What kind of suspension does the trailmaster mb200-2 have?

Front and Rear Suspension. Most bikes have no suspension, some bikes have just front suspension, but the TrailMaster MB200-2 has full suspension. Big 19" tires helps with climbing over rough terrain. With all these features, there's nothing a consumer could possibly want to add...right?

What size shocks should I get for my mb200-2?

Taller adjustable shocks are a comfortable upgrade. Stock MB200-2 has shocks that are around 10" from eye to eye. Our 12" Universal Shocks help this bike ride like a dream and sit you up a little taller. You can do the Heavy Duty Shocks that are also 12" tall but we like a little more cushion when hitting the terrain that the 12" Universal gives.

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