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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy your MB200 parts from?

We buy directly from the factory in China... the same factory that produced the Baja MB200 mini bike years ago. A lot of the Massimo MB200 parts also fit the Baja MB165 and MB200.

What kind of engine does Massimo MB200 have?

Massimo MB200 Red Mini Bike 196CC Engine 196cc Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine Automatic Transmission with Dry Clutch Chain Drive Faux Gas Tank for Closed Storage Supports up to 200 Lbs Carbureted and Air Cooled Buy now Massimo MB200 Red Mini Bike 196CC Engine | Costco

What is the difference between the MB200 and mb200-2?

TrailMaster's upgraded MB200-2 did away with the traditional clutch and jackshaft mechanism for a torque converter system. Other than the drivetrain, most parts for the two MB200 models are the same.

What is MiniMini bike parts?

Mini bike parts is how we started our business and we have just what you need to build and repair your mini bike. We carry plenty of go kart parts, too! It turns out that mini bikes and go karts share so many of the same components that it's only natural to carry both!

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