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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of frame does a MB200 have?

Reminiscent of an old Harley, the MB200 is composed of a steel frame that is strong, durable, and easy to clean. It also comes standard with a rear tail rack, front and rear fenders, padded seat, hand grips, and a circular headlight.

Is the trailmaster mb200-2 mini bike the right motorcycle for You?

Indeed, the TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike is one motorcycle that’s easy to fall in love with. It is the kind of motorbike that can entice even people who are not into trail rides or off-roading, one that shatters the notion that you cannot have a dirt bike and a minibike in one.

Does the mb200-2 come with a warranty?

If the MB200-2 is bought with parts, the bike will ship separately from the parts. Yes most karts come with a limited warranty against manufacture defects. These are defects from the manufacturer not due to accidents, abuse or lack of maintenance. Go-karts come with a parts only warranty ( there is no labor warranty).

Is the trailmaster MB200 better than the Coleman ct200u?

Versus the Coleman CT200U, the TrailMaster MB200 mini bike comes with better features right out of the crate, not to mention free shipping by some dealerships. The TrailMaster MB200 comes with a speed governor – making it a safe training vehicle for youngsters (provided there is adult supervision).

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