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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Alford present Gaetz's father with a proposal?

Alford allegedly presented Gaetz's father, Don Gaetz, with a proposal, according to court documents and the source familiar with the matter.

Who is Stephen Alford and why was he arrested?

Florida man Stephen Alford has been charged with engaging in a scheme to defraud a victim out of $25 million, in part by falsely promising he could secure a presidential pardon. Alford is reportedly at the center of an alleged extortion plot involving Rep. Matt Gaetz and his family.

Was Stephen Alford 'not acting alone' in extortion scheme?

We've received your submission. Rep. Matt Gaetz believes Stephen Alford, who was indicted for allegedly attempting to extort $25 million from Gaetz' family, was "not acting alone" in the scheme. AP

Did Don Gaetz help stop Matt Gaetz' investigation?

The Justice Department on Tuesday arrested a Florida man over a scheme that involved seeking money from Florida Republican Don Gaetz to help halt the sex-trafficking investigation of his son, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), according to court records and a person familiar with the matter. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. ChevronRight

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