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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 'Matt Damon' trending?

“Matt Damon” started trending almost immediately, and while the actor isn’t exactly cancelled, many users expressed extreme disappointment and bewilderment that the man was happily using homophobic language at home. Others saw the funny side in the anecdote, viewing it as just a weird gaffe from a celebrity of declining relevance.

What did Matt Damon say that was really weird?

His weird confession, however, gathered the most attention. Damon said that he only recently stopping saying “the f-slur for a homosexual,” as he described it, and told a story in which he used the word during a joke, only to be chided by his daughter, who resorted to writing a lengthy explanation for her dusty old dad.

How many kids does Matt Damon have?

With an empathetic eye and cross-cultural cast led by Matt Damon and Camille Cottin, ‘Stillwater’ director Tom McCarthy tried to upend expectations for his dramatic thriller. Though he didn’t say which daughter suddenly enlightened him, Damon is a father of four.

What did Matt Damon say about Iron Man in an interview?

In an interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times to promote his new movie Stillwater, Matt Damon casually dropped an odd anecdote. Damon delivered a few hot takes during the interview, including the claim that cinema is changing for the worse, and that almost anyone with wit could have played Iron Man, not just Robert Downey Jr.

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