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Frequently Asked Questions

What films has Matt Damon been in?

Damon's profile continued to expand in the 2000s, as he took on starring roles in two lucrative film franchises. He featured as a con man in Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Trilogy (2001–07) and played the titular spy Jason Bourne in four of the five films in the Bourne series (2002–16).

What are all of Matt Damon movies?

Here is a list of all the films Matt Damon has acted in, written or produced. Matt Damon Movie List. Actor. We Bought a Zoo (2011)- Benjamin Mee. Happy Feet Two (2011)- Bill the Krill. Contagion (2011)- Thomas Emhoff. Margaret (2011)- Mr. Aaron. The Adjustment Bureau (2011)- David Norris.

Is Matt Damon still alive?

The news of actor Matt Damon's death is said to be just another hoax. Some websites reported that the Academy Award-winning actor was found dead at Palo Verde mountain area on Wednesday. But the truth is that he is still alive and kicking. In fact, Matt Damon is said to be having good time in Italy.

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