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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matt Damon best known for?

Matthew Paige Damon known as Matt Damon is an American actor, film producer and screenwriter and activist who is best known for his appearances in movies such as Good Will Hunting and Bourne film series. He began his career in 1988 and is very active in this field till date.

Is Matt Damon on Mars?

Matt Damon appears as a stranded astronaut on Mars in 'The Martian' motion picture, coming to theaters in October 2015.

What are all of Matt Damon movies?

Here is a list of all the films Matt Damon has acted in, written or produced. Matt Damon Movie List. Actor. We Bought a Zoo (2011)- Benjamin Mee. Happy Feet Two (2011)- Bill the Krill. Contagion (2011)- Thomas Emhoff. Margaret (2011)- Mr. Aaron. The Adjustment Bureau (2011)- David Norris.

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