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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate axis text in Python Matplotlib?

Rotate axis text in python matplotlib Use tick_params on the AxesSubplot, but ax in your case is an np array of AxesSubplot objects.

How to rotate x-axis labels in Matplotlib?

It is much popular because of its customization options as we can tweak about any element from its hierarchy of objects. To rotate X-axis labels, there are various methods provided by Matplotlib i.e. change it on the Figure-level or by changing it on an Axes-level or individually by using built-in functions.

How to rotate x-axis in Python?

To rotate it you have to use the plt.xticks () method. Inside the method, you have to just pass the rotation value. For example, let’s pass the rotation=45 as an argument. You can see the x-axis labels have been rotated. In the same way, if you want the axis to be vertically labeled, then you will pass the rotation = 90.

What does axis='x' and labelrotation='right' mean in Ax?

ax.tick_params (axis='x', labelrotation= ) sets the labelrotation property of tick label in x axis, or in other words, X-axis. we use argument ha='right' in the above example codes, which means h orizontal a lignment is right. ha='right' aligns the right end of the label text to the ticks.

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