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Frequently Asked Questions

How to put Legend outside of axes properly in Matplotlib?

When we want to put legend somewhere in a figure using Matplotlib, most of the time, the option loc='best' will produce the desired results. However, sometimes, we may want to have finer control over where the legend should be in the image. For example, we may want to put the legend outside of the axes, which is impossible using loc='best'.

How to change the position of a legend in Matplotlib?

ax.legend () () Matplotlib legend inside. Matplotlib legend on bottom. To place the legend on the bottom, change the legend () call to: ax.legend (loc='upper center', bbox_to_anchor= (0.5, -0.05), shadow=True, ncol=2) Take into account that we set the number of columns two ncol=2 and set a shadow.

How to remove the legend in Matplotlib?

We can remove legend from figure in Matplotlib by using matplotlib.axes.Axes.get_legend ().remove () method. If we pass False as the argument to matplotlib.axes.Axes.get_legend ().set_visible () method, we can remove legend from figure in Matplotlib. This method actually sets the legend invisible but not delete the legend.

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