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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cycle through a colormap in Matplotlib?

Matplotlib provides a few colormap that are "discrete" in the sense that they hold some low number of distinct colors for qualitative visuals, like the tab10 colormap. To cycle through such colormap, the solution might be to not use N but just port all colors of the map to the cycler.

How to set Prop_Cycle in Matplotlib?

On the first axis, we'll plot with the default cycler. On the second axis, we'll set the prop_cycle using matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_prop_cycle () , which will only set the prop_cycle for this matplotlib.axes.Axes instance. We'll use a second cycler that combines a color cycler and a linewidth cycler.

Why are the flier markers not cycled in matplotlibrc?

Also, the default flier markers are now hollow circles, which maintain the ability of the plus-symbols to overlap without obscuring data too much. in your matplotlibrc file. fill_between and fill_betweenx both follow the patch color cycle. If the facecolor is set via the facecolors or color keyword argument, then the color is not cycled.

What is the default face color in matplotlibrc?

The default face color is now 'C0' instead of 'b'. in your matplotlibrc file. The default value of the linecolor keyword argument for hexbin has changed from 'none' to 'face'. If 'none' is now supplied, no line edges are drawn around the hexagons.

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