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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place the legend outside of a Matplotlib plot?

legend() to move the legend outside the plot. Call matplotlib. pyplot. legend(loc=str, bbox_to_anchor=tuple, ncol=n) with str as a string representing the general location to place the legend, tuple as an x, y coordinate further specifying the location of the legend, and n as the desired number of columns in the legend …

How to remove the legend in Matplotlib?

We can remove legend from figure in Matplotlib by using matplotlib.axes.Axes.get_legend ().remove () method. If we pass False as the argument to matplotlib.axes.Axes.get_legend ().set_visible () method, we can remove legend from figure in Matplotlib. This method actually sets the legend invisible but not delete the legend.

How to add legend below subplots in Matplotlib?

Matplotlib Server Side Programming Programming. To add legends in a subplot, we can take the following Steps −. Using numpy, create points for x, y1, y2 and y3. Create a figure and a set of subplots, using the subplots () method, considering 3 subplots. Plot the curve on all the subplots (3), with different labels, colors.

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