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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default colour of a line in Matplotlib?

A while back, when matplotlib overhauled their themes and colour schemes, they changed the default cycle of colours used for lines in matplotlib. Previously the first line was pure blue ( color='b' in matplotlib syntax), then red, then green etc. They, very sensibly, changed this to a far nicer selection of colours.

How do I restore the color cycle in Matplotlib?

If the facecolor is set via the facecolors or color keyword argument, then the color is not cycled. To restore the previous behavior, explicitly pass the keyword argument facecolors='C0' to the method call. Most artists drawn with a patch ( , ~matplotlib.axes.Axes.pie, etc) no longer have a black edge by default.

What's new in Matplotlib 2.0?

The most important changes in matplotlib 2.0 are the changes to the default style. While it is impossible to select the best default for all cases, these are designed to work well in the most common cases. A 'classic' style sheet is provided so reverting to the 1.x default values is a single line of python

How to get the default color cycle in Python?

Slight correction: The first one should be: lines_colour_cycle = [p ['color'] for p in plt.rcParams ['axes.prop_cycle']] Often, there is no need to get the default color cycle from anywhere, as it is the default one, so just using it is sufficient.

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