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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the default colors in Matplotlib?

In Python, Matplotlib has a list of default colors that it uses for the elements in a plot depending on the number of total elements. For example, we can use the following code to plot lines that show the first 10 default colors in Matplotlib:

How to set Prop_Cycle in Matplotlib?

On the first axis, we'll plot with the default cycler. On the second axis, we'll set the prop_cycle using matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_prop_cycle () , which will only set the prop_cycle for this matplotlib.axes.Axes instance. We'll use a second cycler that combines a color cycler and a linewidth cycler.

How to access the cycler object in Matplotlib?

In Matplotlib 1.5 or the later versions, we can access the cycler object to use in its current state in our program. Since the cycler object is not accessible (publicly or privately), only the itertools. However, the cycle instance created from the cycler object is accessible.

How to get the default color cycle in Python?

Slight correction: The first one should be: lines_colour_cycle = [p ['color'] for p in plt.rcParams ['axes.prop_cycle']] Often, there is no need to get the default color cycle from anywhere, as it is the default one, so just using it is sufficient.

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